I’ve taken my shadow to a walk through the city

It is 04.17A.M.,

I’m taking a walk with my shadow through the city

Now, when the city sleeps,

My shadow can understand it the best:

I’m showing it the bus station and the passage on which restless cars pass,

I’m showing it the mall and the dorm where I live,

But it shies away and runs inside me.


Hidden within me,

The shadow looks upon the bus station

But being so sleepy it sees the Liberty Statue and the Triumph Arc

And climbing in Craiova’s Eiffel Tower

It jumps down

And dies.


It is 4.20 A.M.,

I’ve taken my shadow to a walk through the city

And in the end

I buried both shadow and city.


A lot has happened and yet the clock shows 03.03 A.M.


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